Voice of Freedom

 In 200-500 words, discuss the following questions in ESSAY form: Introduction with thesis statement Body Conclusion Make sure to cite the page numbers of material you use from the textbook. Include examples from the primary sources in the CH 3, VOICES OF FREEDOM section: From “Memorial against Non-English Immigration (pg. 92) AND “Letter by a Swiss-German immigrant to Pennsylvania.” (pg. 93) How had the English colonies changed from the early period of colonization in the 17th century (1600s) to the 18th century (1700s)? What did immigrants find attractive about the British colonies? What liberties and freedoms were available to the new-comers? What were some of the negative perceptions of immigrants, especially non-English immigrants? Why/how did English colonists object to non-English immigration? What different views of who should be entitled to the benefits of freedom in the American colonies did the Pennsylvania petitioners and Johannes Hanner express?

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