Topic: Use of Artificial intelligence in the nursing practice. PowerPoint Presentation with 12-15 slides Must follow rubric provided and must use sources provided. I am also attaching other papers tha Nursing Assignment Help

Topic: Use of Artificial intelligence in the nursing practice.

PowerPoint Presentation with 12-15 slides

Must follow rubric provided and must use sources provided.

I am also attaching other papers that are being used to correlate to this assignment. Please use everything I provided and use the sources that are being used in the papers as well. All the sources that are in the papers/files provided can be used on this presentation.  There is also two articles that should be used for the assignment if they can. Thank you 


We are using the online student part of the rubric:

rest of the files:

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The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in nursing practice is an emerging topic that holds great potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery. AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think, learn, and problem-solve like humans. In the context of nursing, AI can support clinical decision-making, improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately transform the delivery of care.

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation with 12-15 slides on the use of AI in nursing practice would be an excellent assignment for medical college students. This task would require them to research and understand how AI technologies can be effectively integrated into nursing practice to benefit both healthcare providers and patients.

To complete this assignment, students should follow the rubric provided by the professor, which outlines the specific requirements and expectations for the presentation. The rubric may include criteria such as content accuracy, organization, use of credible sources, clarity of slides, and overall presentation skills. Students should aim to present a well-structured, comprehensive, and engaging presentation that effectively communicates the key concepts of AI in nursing practice.

In terms of sources, the professor has provided a set of papers and articles that the students should use for their presentation. These sources should be thoroughly evaluated for their relevance, credibility, and currentness. Additionally, the professor has specified two specific articles that should be incorporated into the assignment if possible. These articles may provide valuable insights or evidence to support the discussion on AI in nursing practice.

Evaluation of student performance in this assignment can be done through examinations and assignments. The professor can assess the students’ understanding of the topic by including questions related to AI in nursing practice in tests or quizzes. Additionally, assigning students to write a reflective essay or research paper can further evaluate their ability to critically analyze and discuss the use of AI in nursing practice.

Feedback on student performance should be provided to support their learning and improvement. The professor can offer constructive feedback on the content, organization, visual presentation, and overall effectiveness of the PowerPoint presentation. It is essential to provide specific suggestions for improvement, highlight strengths, and acknowledge areas of excellence to encourage students’ ongoing development.

In conclusion, the use of AI in nursing practice is a captivating and evolving topic. Assigning students to create a PowerPoint Presentation on this subject allows them to explore the potential of AI in healthcare and develop their presentation skills. By evaluating their performance and providing feedback, the professor can help students enhance their understanding of AI in nursing practice and effectively communicate this knowledge to others.

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