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 The book is Successful Business Plan (Secret&Strategies) by Rhonda Abrams 6th Edition previous papers are 286816557( this paper includes the excel document), 287089811, 285990313, 285891490,and 286094234 please use them. These papers lead to my business plan. This discussion is worth 80 points and it is part of your Course Project. You will earn 70 points for the PIN (written section+Excel – only if you submit both) and 10 points for each substantive comment. Before you get started on this exercise, you will need the textbook (Chapter 16- The Financials), the Business Plan Financials Guide and Excel document, and NAB Company Portfolio. This Assignment has two sections: The Excel document and the written portion of the financials (sources and use of funds, plan assumption, break-even analysis) as described below. Section I: The Business Plan financials (Excel document)- complete this first Using your NAB Company Portfolio and the first year of your business plan for the company, you will complete all the worksheets in the entire Excel document in order, so that you can complete the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet sections from the Business Plan Financials spreadsheet. To help you address this section: Video explaining how to complete the Excel worksheet Notes: • The setup and marketing worksheet should already be completed from assignment 2. • Use the instructions provided in the Business Plan Financials Guide to help you complete this document, as well as the NAB Portfolio (pages 4-8). To submit: Attach the completed Excel worksheet to the discussion thread (click on the Add Content button under the Post button to access the attachment option when you are ready to submit, attach your document and then click submit) Section II: Financial section of the business plan (type in a Word document and paste in the discussion window). You will have 3 headings as outlined below: To help you address this section: Video explaining how to complete the written portion of your Financials 1.Sources and use of funds • Outline the funds you have currently (see portfolio pages 4 and 8) and the ones you intend to raise (you need to raise funds per the portfolio page 4) • Explain how do you plan to use the funds (a clear plan on how you will use the money) Notes: Before addressing this section please review: -Sources and Use of Funds section on page 312 of your textbook -Sample plan on page 325 for an idea on how to address this section. 2.Plan assumptions The Financial plan must be based on decisions and facts. Investors want to know if this plan is realistic. In this section you will outline your plan assumptions. Notes: Before addressing this section please review: • The setup and assumptions sheet in your Excel document. • Sample plan in your textbook page 326 • Assumption sheet in your textbook page 313. • Article about the 5 key assumptions of your business plan. 3.Break-even analysis The break-even point is where you make enough money in revenue to pay your expenses but you do not make money nor you do not lose money. In this section, you need to determine what this break-even point is. Notes: Before addressing this section please review: -Page 314 in the textbook about break-even analysis -The BrkEvn (Break-Even) worksheet in your Excel document. You would have calculated this there. Final notes: • You will use the Excel document in Assignment 3 and 5. • You will use the written portion of your Financials in Assignment 5. Final BUS599- Week 7 Discussion- part I- how to complete the Excel document ! page and excel spreadsheet included


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