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What examples of advocacy do you see in your own nursing practice? List and discuss 2 examples.

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Advocacy is a fundamental aspect of nursing practice that involves promoting the well-being and rights of patients. As a medical professor, I have observed various forms of advocacy exhibited by nursing students in their clinical practice. In this response, I will provide two examples of advocacy commonly seen in nursing practice.

1. Patient Empowerment:
One example of advocacy in nursing practice is patient empowerment. Nurses often play a crucial role in empowering patients by providing them with the necessary information and resources to make informed decisions about their healthcare. For instance, a nursing student may advocate for a patient’s right to participate in shared decision-making by ensuring that the patient receives complete and accurate information about their condition, treatment options, and potential risks and benefits. By actively involving the patient in their care, the nurse helps empower the patient to take ownership of their health and make choices that align with their values and preferences.

2. Ethical Advocacy:
Ethical advocacy is another important aspect of nursing practice. Nurses work within a set of ethical guidelines to ensure that patients’ rights, autonomy, and dignity are respected. One example of ethical advocacy is when a nursing student addresses concerns about a patient’s well-being or safety with the healthcare team. If a student believes that a patient is not receiving appropriate care or is being subjected to unethical practices, they have a duty to advocate for the patient’s rights. This could involve voicing concerns to supervisors or engaging in ethical discussions with colleagues to ensure that the patient’s best interests are prioritized and protected.

In conclusion, advocacy plays a significant role in nursing practice, and nursing students often demonstrate advocacy by empowering patients and ensuring that their rights and well-being are respected. By actively engaging in patient education and participating in ethical discussions, nursing students provide valuable support to patients, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and experiences.

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