Sociological Theories Collage Assignment

 Sociological Theories Collage Assignment Instructions Think about the theories reviewed in the course so far. Sociological Theory: A set of interrelated ideas that allow for the systematization of knowledge of the social world, the explanation of that world, and predictions about the future of that world. Grand Theory: A vast, highly ambitious effort to tell the story of a great stretch of human history and/or a large portion of the social world. Theories of everyday life: Theories that focus on such everyday and seemingly mundane activities as individual thought and action, the interaction of two or more people, and the small groups that emerge from such interaction. Here are some questions to get you started: Is there a theory that draws you to it? Is there a theory(ies) resonates with you? Would you like to clarify something about the theory? Do you want to know more about a theorist/theoretical concept/etc.? Is there something in your environment that relates to the perspectives/concepts/etc. in sociological theories that “screams at you?” Do you want to put theoretical information into a context? Are you noticing something you hadn’t before because of something you learned in sociological theory? What are the limitations of a theory(ies)? Brainstorm these thoughts and search the internet for photos, painting or images with which to make a collage of your thoughts about the theory/concept/ etc. you chose. Please use NO LESS THAN 12 pictures in your collage. Please also remember to provide a citation (http:// is fine) for each picture. Write a one-page/double spaced explanation of your collage. Define and discuss the main points of the theory/theoretical concept you have depicted. Connect the dots. What did you learn? Why is it important?

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