Off site visit and review of a Radiologist office observation

Introduction Name of the facility: (UMIC) Udkoff Medical Imaging Corp Type of facility: Advanced Imaging case reviews and reports for multiple imaging centers Location of facility: 1265 Canyon Rim Circle Thousand Oaks California Principal of the facility and their background: Ranon Udkoff M.D. PhD in Physics I was visiting the Radiologist who reads and gives MRI, XRAY, CT, and other advanced imaging reports for multiple imaging centers.

Reason for Choosing This Facility I was told to do an off site visit of a Doctors office to see how everything is run over there and I’m fascinated by advanced imaging in general and seeing what it’s like for the person who gets the cases from other Doctors and to see how he reads and looks at all of them and sends back reports. embellish the visit and make it up however you want about the office and the square footage what it was like visiting and the experience etc..

#site #visit #review #Radiologist #office #observation

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