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For this assignment, you are required to submit a proposal for the research paper due at the end of this course. Identify a topic of interest to you and relevant to the time period covered by this class, American History since 1877. If you are unsure of a topic, please contact your instructor.

After you have selected a topic, complete the following form.

Select      three related research questions and start your research.

Formulate      a thesis statement – a claim.

Find      three scholarly sources for your research. These should be primary and      secondary sources. These should be formatted according to the style      guidelines relevant to your discipline – APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of      Style.

Please use the following format for this assignment and submit the proposal as a Word document.


  1. Topic:

Research Questions:

  1. 1.

Thesis Statement: This is usually one to two sentences that summarizes the point of the paper. It states the argument of the paper and includes your conclusions.

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Name: [student’s name]

Topic: The impact of the discovery of antibiotics on American healthcare since 1877.

Research Questions:

1. How did the discovery of antibiotics revolutionize the treatment of infectious diseases in American healthcare?

2. What were the major challenges and limitations faced in the implementation of antibiotics in American healthcare since 1877?

3. What are the long-term consequences of widespread antibiotic use in American healthcare and how has it shaped healthcare practices and policies?

Thesis Statement: The discovery of antibiotics in the late 19th century revolutionized the treatment of infectious diseases in American healthcare, but it also brought about challenges and limitations in its implementation. The widespread use of antibiotics has had long-term consequences, shaping healthcare practices and policies in the United States.

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