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Your program has provided many opportunities for you to cultivate your competencies as a leader. Think about how your experiences contributed to and will continue to contribute to you becoming a more informed, reflective, and responsive leader. The Leadership Impact Paper provides an opportunity for you to assess and reflect on your leadership journey and the knowledge and skills you have developed to help you guide and provide direction to others.

For this submission, you will write a 4-page culminating paper reflecting on your personal and professional growth as a leader during your program journey and planning for continued leadership development. 

Step 1.
Download the Leadership Impact Plan Paper Links to an external site. template and review the headings and guiding text.

Step 2.
Write your paper in the template using the guiding questions below. Personalize your paper by providing examples of how you translated the knowledge and skills you gained in your coursework into practice and authentic leadership experiences and how you will continue to develop your leadership skills.


  • What leadership qualities are most important to you, and how have these qualities been enhanced by your graduate experience?


  • How have you grown as a leader during the course of your program journey?
  • Which leaders in your field or profession have influenced your transformation and why?


  • What are the implications and applications of your learning and leadership for your profession? Share examples!
  • How can you apply the leadership competencies you have gained or improved to make a difference in your personal and professional life and in the lives of others?

Ethical Perspectives

  • What is the nature of ethics in your profession?
  • When have you had to consider ethics in making decisions as a leader?

Looking Ahead

  • How will you continue to develop your leadership skills?
  • What professional goals do you have?


  • Provide your closing ideas related to growth.

Expert Solution Preview

In this content, the assignment provided to medical college students is to write a 4-page culminating paper reflecting on their personal and professional growth as a leader during their program journey and planning for continued leadership development. The paper is expected to address various aspects of leadership, including reflection, growth, application, ethical perspectives, looking ahead, and conclusion. The students are encouraged to use examples to personalize their paper and demonstrate their understanding and application of leadership skills gained through coursework.


The Leadership Impact Paper is an opportunity for students to assess and reflect on their journey as leaders, as well as the knowledge and skills they have acquired to guide and provide direction to others. This 4-page paper allows students to examine their personal and professional growth, the influence of leaders in their field, the application of their learning and leadership skills, ethical considerations, and their plans for ongoing leadership development.

Answer to the Content:
The Leadership Impact Plan Paper provides a platform for students to evaluate their leadership journey and the qualities that they deem most important. The development of leadership qualities is a continuous process that can be influenced by educational experiences. In the medical field, leadership qualities such as integrity, empathy, and effective communication are of utmost importance. These qualities have been enhanced by the graduate experience, as the coursework provided opportunities to develop and practice these skills. Through case studies, group discussions, and experiential learning, students have been able to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios, thereby further enhancing their leadership qualities.

As students progress in their program journey, they experience personal and professional growth as leaders. With each new challenge and learning opportunity, they gain insights and develop new perspectives on leadership. The coursework and interactions with faculty and peers offer a platform for reflection and self-assessment, enabling students to recognize their strengths and areas for improvement as leaders. Additionally, exposure to leaders in the medical field plays a crucial role in shaping the students’ transformation. Influential leaders serve as role models, inspiring students to adopt certain leadership styles and behaviors. The guidance and mentorship provided by these leaders contribute significantly to the students’ growth as leaders during their program journey.

The implications and applications of the students’ learning and leadership skills in the medical profession are vast. By applying their knowledge and skills, students can make a difference in patient care, healthcare management, and research. For instance, effective leadership can lead to improved patient outcomes, streamlined processes, and enhanced teamwork among healthcare professionals. Students can also contribute to the advancement of the medical field through research and innovation, leveraging their leadership competencies to drive change and improve healthcare delivery.

Ethics plays a vital role in the medical profession, and leaders must be mindful of ethical considerations when making decisions. As leaders, students have encountered situations where ethics come into play. For example, they may have faced dilemmas related to patient confidentiality, resource allocation, and decision-making in ethically complex situations. Considering ethical perspectives in such instances is crucial to maintaining trust and integrity in the healthcare system. The coursework and discussions around ethics have equipped students with the necessary skills to navigate these challenges and make informed, ethical decisions as leaders.

Looking ahead, students recognize the importance of continuous leadership development. They understand that leadership is a lifelong journey and that there is always room for improvement. Thus, they plan to engage in ongoing professional development activities, such as attending leadership workshops, seeking mentorship, and engaging in self-reflection exercises, to hone their leadership skills further. These activities will enable them to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape and stay ahead as effective leaders in their profession.

In conclusion, the Leadership Impact Paper provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their personal and professional growth as leaders during their program journey. Through coursework, exposure to influential leaders, and practical applications, students enhance their leadership qualities and gain valuable insights into the medical profession’s ethical considerations. By applying their learning and leadership skills, students can make a difference in patient care, healthcare management, and research. Looking ahead, students value the importance of ongoing leadership development to adapt and excel as leaders in the dynamic healthcare field.

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