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I need to find a 2nd issue in the case. 

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As a medical professor responsible for designing assignments and evaluating student performance, it is essential to ensure that the assessment process covers a wide range of medical concepts and challenges students to think critically. In order to foster a comprehensive understanding of medical practices, it is important to identify multiple issues within a case. This response seeks to identify a second issue in the given case while providing an in-depth explanation.


In addition to the primary issue presented in the case, which may have varying possibilities depending on the specific context, a potential second issue that can be identified is the ethical dilemma surrounding patient autonomy and informed consent.

In the medical field, it is crucial to respect patients’ rights to make decisions about their own healthcare. Informed consent ensures that patients have access to all relevant information pertaining to their medical condition, proposed treatments, potential risks, alternative options, and anticipated outcomes. It allows patients to actively participate in their treatment decisions by weighing the benefits and risks associated with different options.

In the given case, the scenario does not provide sufficient information about the patient’s involvement in the decision-making process. It is essential to understand whether the patient has been adequately informed about the potential complications and risks associated with the recommended treatment options, as well as any possible alternative approaches. Assessing whether the patient has given informed consent is crucial from an ethical standpoint, as it recognizes the patient’s right to self-determination in healthcare decision-making.

Furthermore, exploring the patient’s capacity to make informed decisions is also important. Depending on the medical condition and the potential consequences of treatment choices, it may be necessary to assess the patient’s mental capacity to understand the information provided and make competent decisions. This evaluation should consider factors such as the patient’s cognitive abilities, emotional state, and potential influence from external parties, such as family members.

Addressing the ethical dimensions of patient autonomy and informed consent provides medical students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles underpinning medical practice. By examining this issue within the case, students can engage in critical discussions about the importance of patient-centered care, doctor-patient relationships, and the ethical responsibilities of healthcare professionals.

To assess students’ understanding and ability to apply these principles, an assignment could be designed that asks students to analyze a hypothetical scenario involving patient autonomy and informed consent. They would be expected to consider the ethical implications for both the patient and the healthcare provider, propose approaches to maintain patient autonomy, and discuss the potential consequences of disregarding informed consent in medical practice.

Overall, acknowledging and addressing the issue of patient autonomy and informed consent alongside the primary concern in the given case enriches the learning experience of medical college students by fostering their ethical decision-making skills and highlighting the importance of patient-centric care.

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