Faith Integration Paper: Genetically modified food and their impact on diseases today.

 It seems almost every day in nursing, one can encounter nutritional issues. As discussed in class throughout the semester, nutritional issues often take a back seat to other medical issues. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, often underestimate the importance of nutrition in promotion and maintenance of health. Before beginning this assignment, read over and reflect on the following: ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, Highlight 21 on ethical issues in nutrition text, biblical scriptures/principles, your own experiences, and in-class discussions. Find current 2-3 peer reviewed journal articles on your topic. Reflect also on how this issue can impact your nursing practice as a Christian nurse. Use the following sources and need to be cited:  o 1.3 the Nature of Health, 5.2 Promotion of personal health, safety, and well-being  o Genesis 9.3  Highlight 21 (attached) from Nutrition textbook  Should you worry about GMOs o Should You Worry About GMOs? (2013). Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, 31(9), 4–5. Retrieved from  Addressing concerns over the fate of DNA derived from genetically modified food in the human body: A review o Nawaz, M. A., Mesnage, R., Tsatsakis, A. M., Golokhvast, K. S., Yang, S. H., Antoniou, M. N., & Chung, G. (2019). Addressing concerns over the fate of DNA derived from genetically modified food in the human body: A review. Food & Chemical Toxicology, 124, 423–430.  Labeling for better or worse o Kling, J. (2014). Labeling for better or worse. Nature Biotechnology, 32(12), 1180–1183.

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