Compare Contrast Researh paper : 14/15th century religious Florintine

Religious Art 1.) The idea behind this paper is to compare any Christian art style from the Early Middle Ages through the 17th century (Chapter 15-23) with the art of another religion or spiritual belief from outside Europe. 2.) The first thing you will do is find a religion or spiritual belief you would like to explore. Make sure they are not a Christian based religion. (examples located at bottom of assignment sheet) When choosing a new religion, try to go back into the past, but it does not have to be in the same time period as the Christian era you choose. 3.) Next you will begin to research the religion(s) themselves. Are they polytheistic? What form does their god take? What stories are used to help explain this religion? Is there ceremony or ritual involved? How does this religion differ from Christianity? Does it have similarities with Christianity? 4.) You will now find two works of art to compare and contrast. You will compare one three dimensional piece (architecture, sculpture, etc.) from the Christian religion with the same type of three-dimensional piece from the religion you have chosen. You will also compare one two dimensional piece (painting, mosaic, manuscript page, etc) from Christianity with the same two-dimensional piece from the religion you have chosen. Make sure to choose both works of art from the same Christian time period. When discussing art explore items such as subject, concept, and the relevant formal characteristics (elements and principles) of the works. When you choose the art to compare, make sure it is created by someone who is practicing that religions, for instance, do not choose Roman mythological art done in Europe during the Baroque, but instead something done by the Romans during their century. You cannot compare any works of art that we have already studied in class. All works of art chosen can not be from chapters 15-23. 5.) Sources: You will be required to find a minimum of three sources that DO NOT include the class text and basic encyclopedias. (You are allowed to use the art encyclopedias). You must include in your resources at least one book. Internet sites and magazine articles can only be used if found from accredited sites. Look at Ebsco Host and Proquest. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA or any non-accredited site. 6.) Draw up an outline of your paper. Make sure you do NOT just write an outline of the assignments. Make it reflect the research you have started.

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