Choose a disease or condition which affects one of the

Choose a disease or condition which affects one of the systems we are covering
this semester.  It can be viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan, congenital/genetic,
biochemical, drug induced, or the result of trauma, overuse, etc.  The intent of this
assignment is to encourage you to investigate diseases of which you know little in
order to expand your applied knowledge of human physiology.

1. Investigate the history of the problem, the Disease process and treatments.

2. Paper Format
a. Title, course name, your name and date on first page
b. Body of paper begins on the first page.  Three pages.
c. Minimum of two references on last page
d. Include citations in the body of the paper using the Name, Year style. Citations are used if you are quoting, paraphrasing, including statistical
data, graphs, dates and names.
e. Use the same Name, Year style for the references.

3. Submission requirements
a. Single-spaced, 12 point font
b. Be sure your name and title are at the top of each page

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