Case study of the Whole Foods Market

It is based on Whole Foods MarketPreview the document before its total commitment to big box stores and subsequent acquisition by Amazon. As such this article can be considered a “classic” with much relevance to this course. This exam requires a case analysis that follows the Case Analysis Outline (see Appendix A). For the Leader and Leadership Analysis in section 3, be sure and apply: 1. The Leadership Challenge five practices and ten commitments and 2. The organizational spiritual leadership model, 3. The personal spiritual leadership Model Be sure and address all the components of the leadership model for 2 & 3 (inner life, hope/faith, vision, altruistic love, calling, membership, relevant outcomes). This exam normally takes students 10 15 hours to complete. I suggest you schedule your time accordingly. One way to approach these types of exams that has worked for many of my students in the past is to first read the exam without taking notes to get an overall feel for the case story itself. Then read the case a second time and highlight the material you believe to be most important. In doing so, try to take notes or identify course concepts/models that may apply to your highlighted material. Then go back and read the case a third time and use your notes a basis for organizing your exam write up. For example, there is usually something in a case that relates to the organizations vision (or lack of one). This wording would then for the basis for your vision/purpose/mission/values analysis. Please include a title page. See Syllabus Course link for the due date. The final product should be no more than 7 single-spaced pages with 8 pt spacing between paragraphs (exclusive of cover page, table of contents, references and attachments), APA style, 1 inch margins, 12 pitch, times new roman font. Organize your exam using headings and subheadings that reflect the Case Analysis Outline. It is not a good idea to make me hunt for your answer. I have attached an example to help and the article it is based off of.

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